Racing game

I love playing racing games. I spent lot of time and money in Arcade when I was young. I specially fond of driving game by Sega, starting from Virtual Race, to Daytona, to Super GT, to Daytona 2. Although I am not exceptionally good, I can still manage to complete the hardest track within the time limit.

In PC, I also played a long lived series of driving game, Test Drive. I started with Test Drive 2, which was in 2D graphics. The first of its kind 3D Test Drive 3 really gave me a wow back then. I just downloaded a copy of Test Drive Unlimited and it reminds me the good old day of playing racing games. The graphics is very impressing even on my mid-range computer.

The game is staged in Haiwaii. Its map mimics the real road in Hawaii and you can drive freely touring the island as you like. Kind of like Grand Theft Auto, minus the violent part. Too bad that I don’t have a steering wheel. It feels awkward playing driving game with a keyboard. I am thinking seriously whether should I buy a steering wheel, if I can find a cheap one. My only concern is I may not have time to play. The good thing about driving game is you can play one race at a time. There is no story element to stop you from quit playing.

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