Pink vs Blue

I like to categorize things according to the gender role, something are for girls, something are for guys and something are neutral. The category is not use in the sense of gender specific language like French or German, but relate to the social context of male and female. Today I came across piece of scientific research on why girls like pink. Many people think the preference of color are just personal taste, but this studies shows that female are biologically programmed to prefer pinkish color. One theory to explain the result is that in prehistoric time, female collect fruit and take care of children while male hunt. Therefore female develop more sensitive to color of red, so that they can spot riped fruits and judge health of a baby from the change in his skin color.

Male and female alike prefer blue color, but female prefer a redder hue of blue. Scientist has figured that the likeliness of blue is due to the color of the sky. A blue sky means good weather, which is good for hunting or fruit collection, so mind of our caveman ancestors are programmed to like this color. Pat and my friends sometimes make fun of my male vs female categories. I believe scientist will find proofs for my categories with the advance of science. Maybe I have to refine my classification as new evidence surface, but the framework is the result of million years human evolution. Let’s see who will have the last laugh.

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