Logitech Momo Racing Wheel


Impulse buying always leads to regret. A new racing game, Test Drive Unlimited, urged me to get a driving wheel. It is just not fun to play racing game with a keyboard. There are not many options on the market, Logitech Momo racing wheel is probably the best out there without burning a hole in your wallet. While I was doing the research, I came across a 2nd hand Momo racing wheel on eBay. It is selling at half of the listed price in store. It is really a good deal, so I bought it at once without too much thinking.

The racing wheel arrived yesterday. Nothing wrong with the wheel per se. It is almost brand new, the touch of the control and racing experience is excellent. I enjoyed many hours of race zooming down the streets in virtual Hawaii last night. However, I totally forget to consider the size of the wheel. It is huge and it has to mount onto the computer table in front of the monitor. Once you setup the wheel, you can’t really use the computer except playing racing game. I don’t have space to put the wheel when I am not playing. I can’t hide it inside the closet. It will be too much trouble to setup the wheel,so it will end up collecting dust. Here is a dilemma, should I keep it or resell it on eBay? If I don’t play it, it is worthless to me. If I play, I have to find an easy to access storage solution.

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  1. Hehe, so you got the wheel! I was just going to ask you today if you wanted to buy my used Logitech wheel. Yes, I understand your comments about how big the wheel it is. 🙂

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