Credit Card Fraud

My credit card number is stolen again.  I think it is the 2nd time this happening to me.  Last time the bank notify me on a suspicious transaction on an expensive item somewhere in another province, and cut my card right away.  This time the usage pattern of the stolen credit card is different.  The credit card theft made lots of small purchase online, several tens of dollar here and a few hundred there.  I only catch it when I review my credit card statement before I pay the balance.  I am pretty sure those are not my purchase, since during the day of transaction, I was locked away in a church retreat with no internet connection.  I called the bank at once, after they confirmed with me the fraud transcations and they deactivate my card.  I will receive a new card with a new number in a few days.  The bank will refund the fraud purchase to me after I complete some paper work.

The report a credit card lost process seems quite customer friendly.  I heard stories that people got their credit card stolen and the debt ruined their life.  From my experience, stolen credit card seems not a big deal, just some minor nuisance and inconvenience.  Yes, I have still have to go through the troubles of update all my pre-authorize credit payment.  This is the same process that I have to go through once every few years when my old credit card expires, nothing to worry about.  I still have no idea how my credit card number got stolen.  It is not missing from my wallet and I only make online payment through trusted websites.  The lesson of this story is always check your credit card statement.  Fraud in a mall amount may easily unnoticed if you don’t check the statement carefully line by line, especially if you are a high volume credit card user like myself.

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  1. I agree checking the credit card statement is the best way to prevent fraud to happen. I have also set a low credit limit to protect myself in case the bank won’t refund the money.

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