Practice attitude

We have a foosball table in the game room at work.  We have a group foosball friends usually go to the game room after lunch to have some fun.  Some of us had played foosball in school, have really good skills, while the others play foosball the first time here at work.  We have been playing foosballalmost  daily over a year, practice really improves our skill.  I started as a novice player, but now I can pretty much rule the table playing against an average player.

We play foosball just to relax between work, most of us play casually to have fun.  Somehow one of my friends takes foosball quite serious.  Foosball suppose is not an vigorous game, you just have to stand next the to table doing nothing other than rotating your wrists, but this guy manage to sweat like playing a basketball game and totally exhausted after playing foosball.  I think most of us play the same amount of games.  Because this guy play really seriously every day, his skill improve much faster than us.  He started as a novice, now he is probably the best player in the group.

The more you practice the better you become, but the attitude of how you practice can make a big difference.  If you want to be good at something, not only that you have to do it a lot, you have to do it seriously.

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