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Today I went to a friend’s wedding.  The wedding follows the typical PMC style, ceremony in CMCC, banquet in Kirin.  Somehow almost everyone working in PMC have their banquet in Kirin, including myself.  Just like every other wedding, I bump into some long time no see friends.  One of an old friend I come across is the ex of the bride.  I am quite surprise seeing him show up in the wedding.  He flew all the way from HK just to attend the wedding.  I know him from connection through my Waterloo friends, so I am kinda neutral on whom the bride pick as the groom.

Somehow the best man has the same first name as my friend, and both of them flew from HK for the wedding.  When the groom read his thank you list, we who know the history but not aware the name of best man, almost dropped our jaws, wondering why would the groom want to thank the ex of the bride.  Of course, it turns out it is just a misunderstanding.

Chinese wedding has silly games.  One of the game is the bride has to find the groom among the guests.  The MC prepared masks with picture of the groom’s head, asking one guy from each table wearing the masks, trying to confuse the bride.  At first, we want to make the ex wears the mask, but he refuse indistinctly.  He said it would be really embarrass if the bride pick him by mistake.  I think the real reason is no guy want to pretend to be the guy marrying your girlfriend.

In Chinese wedding, the guests toast with the wedding couple and force them to drink some alcohol.  The wedding couple are very easy going, don’t mind having a toast with any guests come forward to congratulate them.  Any guest, except the ex.  Somehow the groomsman refuse the toast from the ex and he is quite upset.  At the end of the banquet, he manage to have a toast and take a photo with the bride quietly, while the groom is away busy doing something else.  Probably the bride want to stay away from the ex in front of her husband.  But if she cares, why invite him in the first place?

Why the bride would invite her ex to the wedding and why would the ex come?  I can never understand how a couple break up and still be friends without feeling weird.  Maybe they just pretend to be normal.  I don’t think invite your ex to your wedding or going to your ex’s wedding is a good idea.  Why take the chance to be humiliated or reminds yourself once again the bad memories.

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  1. Some women do believe that with ex(s) come to the wedding means she’s attractive and then put pressure to the groom. Or she may want to show off to her ex(s) that she find a better man.

  2. It depends individually – but I believe that it is even better for the ex to come, because there is no imagination for either parties because what is important now is the present and the future, which is presented in the wedding with full evidence!

    Sometimes, there is only a fine line between a ‘blessing’ and a ‘curse’!

  3. Agreed w/ God Mom’s words! ^.^ If it’s for myself, I might just wanna show off to all my exssss that I’ve found a BETTER one, and at the same time…yah, it can break all the imagination w/ the wedding ceremony in front of them! (hum…so when the day come, should I invite my exs to my wedding??? may be I should listen to what God Dad’s word, “avoid all the bad memories”! =)

  4. I assumed that either the bride or groom is your “friend” or else you won’t be invited to the wedding. Don’t you think what you’ve posted is mean and unkind?!?! Ask your fiancee about it.

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