Design Rules

Design Rules

I am watching Design Rules made by BBC lately.  I always thought interior design is useless.  Why would someone spent thousands of dollars to create an aesthetic feeling for your home?  I can just do the painting and arrange the furniture by myself.  This show doesn’t talk about home style, fashion, artistic appreciation, none of those non-sense most people don’t understand.  The show return to basic, start from the beginning to educate the audience why a good home design matters.  It give the fundamental design rules and explain why people should follow the rules using science and psychology.  The show demystify the arts of interior design for the science minds.  Now I knowing the criteria of good design in term of space, color, light and pattern usage.  I can appreciate the work of interior designers.  Interior design is not only a matter of taste, it is also a science to improve your living environment in real term.

I also picked up a few insights from the program.  Kinda like trivia knowledge to me but it actually is more like common sense once you have understood the proof.  Personal space is about 1 meter because that is the perfect distance to see visual cue from face expression.  Not too close that you can see the whole face, not too far that you can’t see it clearly.  Color trends in fashion industry actually reflects the mood of the society in general.  Dark color for bad days, bright color for good days.  There are three levels of lighting, general lighting lit up the room, accent lighting creates the atmosphere and task lighting for work.  The reflective index of the material determine how well natural light bounds around inside the room.  To fill the room with natural light, which is good to health, you have to choose material and color carefully.

BBC Design Rules is highly recommend, especially for those who plan to renovate their place and those who scare of art.  I wish BBC can made a similar series on fashion, so I can learn how to buy clothes without feeling uneasy.

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