School has started for almost 2 months, the textbook for my course has finally arrived in mail today.  Textbook selling in the university bookstore is ridiculously expensive.  A new paper back textbook is selling for $120, a well beaten used copy with lots highlight and dog ears is selling for $80.  For the same textbook, I can find a new one online for $70 including shipping.  It is obvious any reasonable man will order textbook online instead of getting rip off by the bookstore. 

Well… everything comes at a price.  In the university bookstore, you go home with the textbook in your hand.  In a online store, you have to wait patiently for the textbook arrive in snail mail.  The online book store, abebooks, I usually buy from is pretty reliable on delivery.  Somehow they screw up my order this time, the book never arrive, probably lost in mail.  So I have to cancel the original order and order a new one.  I end up having no textbook for almost 2 months.  Luckily a kind hearted classmate let me photocopy her textbook for the assigned readings.  I can also read some sections of the textbook on Google books.  I should order the textbook before school starts next time, so it will arrive on time.

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