Wedding show

wedding show

Today I have tried many things the first time in my life. I went to a wedding show the first time. I see how hair is set the first time. I see how to put on makeup the first time. I see a fashion show the first time. This afternoon, me and Pat went to the Creme de la Creme grand wedding showcase in the Four Season Hotel at downtown Vancouver. The ticket is a bit pricey, but the show is quite an eye opener.

Unlike the trade show style wedding show in HK, I don’t see any sales promotion in today’s wedding show. No bargain package, no discount price, in fact it is not place to make a sale. It is a showcase, a brand building event of the wedding companies. The show is not very big, but it has every aspect of a wedding, from invitation card to decoration to photographers presented tastefully.  I love the free cake, dessert and appetizer samples.  Pat get to try out hair styling and makeup service for free.  I never seen how makeup or hair styling is done, so I took out my phone and video tape the whole process.  The makeup artist and hair stylist did a pretty decent work, probably because I give them some good stress for taping their work.  It took almost an hour combined to draw the face and set the hair.  Pat bought a set of fake eyelash and the makeup girl use some sort of white glue to glue the eyelash on her eye.  Yuck!  I would never let anyone glue anything to my eye.

The highlight of the wedding show is the bride dress fashion show.  We were browse the booths and forgot about time, so we couldn’t get good seats in the front.  We end up standing at the back of the crowd.  It is kinda interesting to see catwalk live.  The models walk funny with lots of twisting to towards the crowd, then stop and pose unnaturally at the T end of the sky walk.  Somehow they love to swing their hand every time the turn around.  The models must have a talent to get change rapidly, each session in the fashion show has 3 or 4 models and they keep come out in a new dress.  The first 30 minutes is quite interesting, I see lots of wedding dress in different style.  The next hour is really boring, since I am just seeing similar design over and over again.  At one point it so boring that I even doze off a little bit.

After see this show, I think designing a wedding dress should not be not too hard.  Almost all wedding dress I saw are in the format of combo A+B+C.  All I need is a huge database that samples all the different style of every parts in a wedding dress.  I can mix and match or simply let computer randomly select the parts and styles from the database to assemble a new wedding dress design.

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