7 dishes of beef cooked in 7 styles

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Beef is my most favorite food. 7 dishes of beef cooked in 7 styles is a famous dish in Vietnamese cuisine. I wanted to try it for many years. Finally I found a restaurant in Vancouver has this dish on its menu. As the name suggested, this dish has 7 small dishes of beef cooked in 7 styles. It has beef in lemon grass hotpot, beef wrap in basil leaves, beef ribs, pan fry beef, beef congee, minced beef ball and beef salad. The 7 courses menu comes with green salad, vermicelli, and Vietnamese wrap. You can put the beef dishes onto the wrap and make your own beef roll. All 7 dishes are very tasty, I finish the dinner with a full stomach. The price is very reasonable, only costs $30 for 2 people with drinks. Must try. Highly recommended.

When I was indulging myself in 7 dishes of beef, I suddenly feel sorry for Hindus. Hindus cannot eat beef because their religion think cow is sacred and forbid all Hindus to eat beef. Hindus will never know how much they had missed out for not able to eat the 7 dishes of beef. On a second thought, why would someone silly enough to believe in a religion that dictates over believer’s diet? Isn’t able to eat what you want is a basic human right? Religions that control people’s diet are against human right. Those religion should be abolished.

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