I bought Pat a gym pass for her birthday present, so she can look better for our wedding.  The gym give me a few free day passes, so I tag along with Pat.  I need some exercise myself and I can give her moral support to go working out.

I never go to a gym before.  I always found working out boring.  You are just repeating the same action again and again in front of a mirror like an idiot.  I still think working out is boring.  However, I notice my arms do not have enough strength since I begin shooting.  I always know my lack of endurance is a road block to improve my skiing skills.  So the fact is I need exercise stay fit and train my muscle.  Going to gym is probably the easiest and quickest way to achieve my goal.

I like using the elliptical machine most.  It is kinda a combination of the treadmill and stepping machine.  The motion is kind a combination of cycling and running.  I have to constantly shift the body weight from one leg to another leg.  It is a very good cardio exercise, I sweat a lot and I think it also strength my leg muscles.  Usually I work on this machine for 30 minutes.  The first 10 minutes is not too bad, since I am not tried.  The next 15 minutes is the toughest, I really have to struggle to keep up.  Somehow the last 5 minutes is the easiest, my body starting to get used to the pain and sours from the muscles.  I feel like I can keep running forever without feeling tried.  However once I stop running, the pain and sours kicks in and my legs really hurt.

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  1. ‘I bought Pat a gym pass for her birthday present, so she can look better for our wedding.’


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