Nike ACG Hiking boots

Nike ACG

In English, there is an idiom, as comfort as an old shoe. It is a known fact that an old shoe is most comfortable to wear. However, old shoe wears off, eventually you can’t wear it any longer. So, what is the most comfortable shoe other than your old shoe? Of course it is a new shoe that is exactly the same as your old shoe!

I have been wearing the Nike ACG hiking boots for many years. It has been so long that I couldn’t keep track of how many pairs I had, probably 8 or 10 pairs. On average I wear out a pair every year, so I need to get a new pair every year. Shoes are on sales at Foot Locker, buy one and one half prince. Since I will need a new pair every year, why don’t I buy an extra pair and save it for next year? Not only I got a great discount, but also save me the trouble to shop for shoes next year.

I wonder what should I wear if Nike discount the ACG hiking boots. I guess I don’t have to worry about this question for the foreseeable future. I heard from the sales at Foot Locker, Nike ACG hiking boots are one of their best sellers. It would not make much business to discontinue a popular model.

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8 thoughts on “Nike ACG Hiking boots”

  1. It’s discontinue, not discount. Even “discard the line” is better
    The last sentence could be rephrase to read “It would not make any business sense to discontinue a popular model.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. Believing it or not, I was thinking “It would not make much business sense to discontinue a popular model”, but somehow it became “It would not much any busines to discount a popular model” when I wrote it down.

  3. Hi Guys,

    I too desperately are looking for a pair of this model. It is such a good build.

    Can anyone advice.



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