Revision Sawfly


I want to get a cool looking one piece sunglass for along time. However there is one small problem. Somehow all the sunglasses brands like Oakley or Ray-Ban never make one piece sunglasses support eye prescriptions. They assume all cool looking guys who wear sunglasses will also wear contact lens. I can’t wear contact lens, so I can’t wear one of those cool one piece sunglasses.

Finally, I come across the Revision Sawfly military eyewear system fits all my requirement perfectly. Sawfly is the standard equipment of the US army in Iraq. The sunglasses not only looks cool, but also built ultra strong. It can withstand shotgun blast from 16 feet away. It comes with interchangeable lens in shades for outdoor, clear color indoor and high contrast for shooting.

revision insert

The features I love most is the Sawfly support Rx insert carrier. The prospection lens fit comfortably over the nose piece. Best of all is the price, it only costs $30 on eBay for the basic kit comes with the frame and 2 lens. If the lens is scratched, you can simply buy a new lens for replacement instead of throwing away the whole eyeglasses.

The Sawfly is a no thrills, purely functional design. It is way cooler than those brand name sunglasses designed by gay designers who put styles over substances.  Highly recommended for any sports that need eye protection.

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  1. Designers aren’t gay…

    Please erase this stupid statement.

    Appreciate art – even if you don’t appreciate, please respect other people’s work. You can say that you don’t like it, but please don’t say other people’s artwork is garbage.

    This is really BAD! from your fiance, patricia.

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