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Me and Pat are booking photographer for our wedding day. We have check out a few photographers and still having decide which to go for. We met up with a photographer on Sunday, quite an eye opener. The office of photographers is located in Granville, in one of those hippie building full of artists’ studio. Walking into a building with too many artists makes me feel uncomfortable. My hintch is right, you can never trust artists. The photographers are having way too much style over substance. Never mind they are charging a premium for their artistic photo style. Why would I pay extra money to buy useless artistic photos?

The photographers boasted about themselves being wedding journalists. They claim their style are non intrusive, never get in the way of the wedding. They will never ask people pose for portrait shots in the wedding day. This so call artistic style of photography really bother me. My goal to hire wedding photographers is to take some good pictures in my wedding day. Wouldn’t it be much easier to take good pictures if we cooperate with the photographers? I won’t mind slow down a bit in the ceremony for good pictures. I can even pose like I am pretending not posing for the photographers if natural shots is what I want.

We are not getting marry in the middle of the war zone, we have plenty of time to capture the prefect photo. Wedding is a staged event, there is no need for any form of photo journalist. Wedding journalists cannot guarantee they can capture all the important moments. Why risk the chance of missing important photos? In fact, being told to slow down, turn around and look into the camera is part of the wedding experience. The stupid self named photo-artists are just creating a solution for a non existing problem. Wedding journalist is a gimmick that can only fool people who are not smart enough to say no to useless arts.

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  1. Are you having some problems here, my friend?

    Sigh… do you have past-experiences with bad girlfriends who are scamming artists??

    This is sth that I have found in Horace who is being very irrational internally in his rational outlook.
    Anyway, let it be.

    Cheers, your fiance – Patricia

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