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I just discover something that is more disgusting than being gay, it is the sex change operation. There is a guy in my company going to change his sex next month. At first I am not aware of his abnormality. When I work with him, I thought he is just a skinny guy with really long hair. Although he loves to wear tight clothes, I never notice he has breasts, not until someone point out to me. Well, why would I pay attention to his breasts if I assume he is a guy. Some of my colleagues noticed his breasts, and keep wondering whether is he a he or a she. Finally the mystery is solved when reliable source told us he is under going a sex change operation. He is injecting female hormones now. In next month, he will remove the extra body parts and officially become a woman.

This guy brings up lots of questions. After he turns into a she, presumably he will act like a real woman and love guys. Would any normal guy with a sane mind willing to marry a sex changed woman? If he loves guy, why can’t simply be gay? Compare to sex change, gay seems much more acceptable, at least gay guys are still guys. If there is a disgusting scale, gay is just medium disgusting. I can tolerate gays around me, as long as they are not my kids. I don’t think I want to deal with any sex changed woman. Sex change operation is on the extreme end of the disgusting scale. Pretending to be a woman while born as a man is out right lying, which is socially unacceptable, it is an act that destroy our social fabric.

I do acknowledge there are some men really want to change their sex. They have serious psychological problem, so we should treat them and cure them. If we can’t turn them back to 100% normal, at least we should turn them into gay. Helping them fulfill their sex change desire is not right way to treat their abnormal state of mind. I hope he better pay for his sex change operation fee out of his own money. As a tax payer, I do not approve the government health plan spend a single dime on sex change operation.

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  1. I don’t know if he would love guys… but I think he feels more comfortable being a female, behaving and living as a female. Yeah, that’s not normal. A guy who’s gay falls in love with another man. A guy undergone sex change is virtually a woman (without the reproductive capability). Just like any female, he (or she) may fall in love with a guy, with another woman, or not falling in love with anyone. Of course, that’s not normal.

  2. I wrote something in my blog about a colleague of mine:

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    I worked in a Geriatric Ward a couple of years ago. Today I went back to that ward to look for one of my colleagues.

    There was a male staff nurse who I am going to name Mr. K here, as I don’t want to name and shame him. K is the most feminine person I have ever met, even more so than Amy Sui. I remembered he put on a lot of perfume to work, and he used transparent nail varnish, even though I thought it was against the rule of the hospital. He had very long hair which he tied it to the back, and he dyed it orange. He liked flinging his hair as if he was in the TV advert of a shampoo, as he thought he was worth it. I remembered once I overheard a conversation between him and another nurse (who was female), as they were comparing different types of facial cream. K said mine is really good, please feel my face. So the nurse felt his face, and she said, well, it’s really smooth! Just like silk! I am so jealous! He was well pleased. He spotted me standing next to him and then invited me to try his face. I said no thank you as I would rather touched his patient’s leg ulcer which grew MRSA.

    He once invited me to look at his photo album. I did not know what to expect, so I agreed and opened the photo album, and I was horrified to see him dressed in a low cut dress with high heels on. I could see his cleavage. I said, well, you looked like Jennifer Lopez. He said, you are so mean as I don’t want to have her bum as it is so big and ugly. Then I was going to examine an old man’s bottom as he had been constipated for 10 days, so I invited him to give me a hand as I thought he would be interested with people’s bum. He said bugger off and find another nurse.

    Well, after 3 years, guess who I met in the ward today. I met Mr.K again today, except he is now Miss K rather than Mr.K! I could not recognise him/her as he/she lost a lot of weight, and now she looked every bit like a woman. I asked my colleague whether I was in Dreamland or the world has gone completely crazy. I was told that I was not in Dreamland, so I took it he meant that the world has gone completely crazy. My colleague told me that she/he still hasn’t had his balls chopped off yet, and so officially he should still go to the Gents. Blessed. Tomorrow I am going to confront him about when is he going to chop off his balls.

  3. I guess he is the proactive type. Someone who is unsatisfied with their current life can do basically two things: 1) prochrastinate, 2) do something about it. The latter is the proactive type. If someone is sick with the neighbourhood and wants to move up in the social ladder, one can upgrade himself/herself, work hard, earn more money and move to a better neighbourhood.

    In this case, the guy is unsatisfied with the fact he needs to live as a guy. He is doing something about it to change the status quo. One can view “learning to accept” as being passive.

  4. ‘Transgender’ isn’t something common.

    Everyone has one’s own fantasies. To have the courage and resources to make it a reality or not, it is another issue. Having operation to change gender is the ultimate of full expression to this belief.

    I have once heard from my girlfriends that they feel like a ‘guy trapped in a women’s body’! She is super pretty and sweet and she is a model/ musician/ commercial MV marketing. This friend of mine was grown up from a wealthy family too – plays excellent piano (like everyone). But she did mention about oppression from mom a lot…

    You can probably trace some evidence on identifying higher probabilities on certain types of ppl who is interested in bisexuality, transgender… but again, you would want to value a person in terms of ‘who they are’ – although they don’t necessarily choose to like being their ‘original self’…

    Sigh… I still want to be friends with her and so do my other lesbian friends…
    But apparently, they discard me after highschool… just b/c I’m spending time with you, Horace!

  5. I was checking out your blog because I found your essay on inmediahk quite interesting, but um, this post has definitely convinced me not to come back.

    I actually find it quite amazing that anyone who’s spent a significant amount of time outside the narrow enclave that is Hong Kong can remain quite so bigoted and ignorant.

  6. What is right and what is wrong is an universal value. Insisting what is right is not bigot nor ignorant, it is persistence and clear minded, refuse to blindly follow moral trends. On the other hand, thinking abnormal is normal is mistaking the wrong for the right. Sorry, I can’t my discard my conscious to appeal everyone.

  7. Well, I think kindness, tolerance and open-mindedness are universal values, too.

    As to moral trends, morality has always changed over time, unless you mean to tell me that, say, it is morally wrong for women to work outside of home — a view that many people held back in the days. The only parts of morality that haven’t changed are about actions that hurt others, murder, stealing, etc.

    And what is normal and what is abnormal can very well depends on the society or even the person. And often, people mistake what is common for what is normal.

    Even biologically speaking, there are genetic disorders that cause genuinely indeterminate genitalia (e.g., XXY chromosome instead of regular XX or XY). So who is to say that nature didn’t make a mistake with people like your co-worker, too? I mean, it’s not like they don’t have to be diagnosed before the operation (or at least in the US).

    Being in their original bodies is what makes them feel abnormal; they actually need that operation for them to feel normal.

  8. I do agree kindness, tolerance and open mind are universal values. I am kind to them as a friend. I tolerate them without discriminating them. I am open mind to accept new scientific finding about the cause of their problem. Just that kindness, tolerance and open mind doesn’t mean I have to approve their action of cutting the balls off nor I can’t morally condemn them. Why can’t you have an open mind and accept my argument that cutting the balls off is wrong? Or is kindness, tolerance and open mind imply you can never say anything is wrong?

    I don’t believe in moral relativism. In fact, from my philosophy class, moral relativism is proved unsound. There is an objective moral standard, just like law of physics, we have just have to discover it through our reasoning. In the ancient time, people think thunder is God’s angry, but nowadays we know thunder comes from charges in the cloud. In the past people mistakenly think it is wrong for woman to work, now we discover what is right.

    I do agree something maybe biologically wrong with those people. Something maybe screwed up in the genes. What I don’t agree is the way to fix it. If you have feel weird about your hand, would you cut off your hand? Then why would people feel weird their balls cut them off? The right way to cure those people is make them 100% man again, instead of cutting the balls off to become a fake woman.

  9. Hm, I agree that there might be universal rights and wrongs, but I think it’d be arrogant for me to say that I know everything there is to know about it; so I limit myself to condemning only acts that would harm/affect other people and leave acts that harm/affect no one else to the person’s own discretion.

    There are many things that have little to do with morality, even if they disgust you. To use a rather (in)famous example, would you consider eating oysters to be immoral and eating snails to be moral, even if you find oysters to be disgusting and snails to be delicious?

    To me, sexuality and its many expressions often fall into this category. You can, of course, disagree, but what I do want to point out is that whether your co-worker’s actions disgust you is immaterial to whether his actions were moral. One might even go as far as to say that whether his actions were abnormal is also immaterial to whether they are moral.

  10. Yeap, as a libertarian, I firmly believe in the “harm no other principle”. I didn’t suggest we should propose any restriction on those who want to change their sex. Rather I suggest we should educate them (and the society) sex change is not the right solution to solve gender misconception.

    Think about smoking. We should not forbid people to smoke, but smoking is clearly wrong and should be discouraged.

  11. Well, smoking affects other people, i.e., the possibility of second-hand smoking. That’s why I support a ban on public smoking. But I don’t think of it as wrong (or immoral). I mean, if an adult decides that the so-called benefits outweigh the consequences and want to do it in private, that’s none of my business.

    As to the point you brought up before that a sex change equals lying… Well, to me it’s sort of like this: say an albino wants to dye his/her hair so that people won’t keep staring at him/her, is that lying? And even if it is, is it really that bad/immoral?

  12. you can try to change yourself however you want, but still if you are a guy you will always be a guy. The same goes with a woman who cannot change her sex.

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