I just received my Graphistudio sample album today.  The leather binded wedding album comes in a elegant black suit case with a matching parent book set.  The sample album includes photos printed in different samples papers including, semi-gross paper in offset printing, gross paper with lamination and metallic prints.  It is very easy to order an album.  You just have to upload the pictures with to their FTP server, then submit an order form specifying the layout for each picture.  Graphistudio is probably the most high-end wedding album printing service I have seen.  The whole album is printed and binded in Italy.  It definitely beats the quality of your local print shop.  Don’t even mention to the crappy album come with the photo package from HK wedding studio.  It is like compare a Ferrari to a Hyundai, they are in two different league.  Highly recommended to couples who are planning their wedding.  Wedding album is the only thing, maybe except the video, in your wedding that you will often look back in 40 years.  It is a good investment to capture your finest moment in the best wedding album that you can afford.

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  1. Well, this is one of the worst introduction I’ve ever seen…

    It makes very uncomfortable while reading this! Trust me, your style has made me puke. There is nothing wrong, maybe something there is from me huh?

    Thanks for understanding. – your fiance

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