Old chinese songs in Youtube

Tonight I and Pat were searching for a song to sing in the wedding banquet.  We would like to pick a Chinese duo song with sweet meaning.  We searched the internet for songs sing by male and female singers together.  We come across a fairly big list on some Chinese music site.  However just having a list with name and singer is not very helpful.  We don’t know much of the songs on the list and even for those we sorta heard of, the memory is quite rusty.  To our surprise, we are able to find every single song we want to check on Youtube.  From my quite diversify search samples, I suspect Youtube actually has every single Chinese songs ever made into a MTV.  Isn’t Youtube amazing?

One thought on “Old chinese songs in Youtube”

  1. youtube真是什麼都有,但質素就非常參差。如果那個rating system能夠將錄得最完整、音色和畫面最好的版本在搜索結果中排先就好了。

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