Blog about serious things

Someone asked me why don’t I blog about serious stuff, such as politics, social issues, lately.  I took a look at my recent entries in the past month.  Indeed I wrote a lot more about TV, movies, Anime than usual.  I guess my work at India really disturb my routine writing schedule.  I am so tried after work every day that I don’t want to think about any thing seriously.  I still catch up with my daily newspaper and weekly Economist, so I am aware of what’s happening around the world.  It is just that I lost interest in making comments on the news.  Taiwan election, riots in Tibet, Bear Stern crisis, all of them are interesting topics to blog.  The normal me would happy to jump in and make me mark on those big issues.  I still leave a comment or two in other people’s blog, which doesn’t require much effortless.  However writing a well thought blog entry takes too much brain juice.  I lack the discipline to organize my thoughts, so I rather remind silence than write something not up to my standard.

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