Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

Me and Pat choose to make our own wedding invitation card. At first we want to print the wedding invitation like everyone else does. However, Pat think the print invitation does not have individual character and ours should be more special. Since we learn how to make cards from previous church event, we could use the same technique to make our invitation. In addition, we also sign up a wedding invitation making class to learn some advance technique and get some ideal.

Pat designed the card, I only help her out in making the cards. It takes a much longer time to make 200 wedding invitation than we had expected. It’s fun to cut the paper, stamp the picture, color the pattern, heat up the ensemble powder together. It’s some precious memory that both of us will share for the rest of our life. I worked on the no brainier tasks while Pat worked the task require fine motor skill. Since we are not machine, every card is slight different and each card is unique. We end up having two designs because the first design is too complicate and we have to switch to a simpler design to save time. I think even the second design is too complicate, so for the final bunch we will probably use another design. Other than these major designs, there are a few prototype cards too. If you happen to have one of the prototype cards, you must be really lucky.

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  1. It is nice. Handmade card made the card more unique and specail. Your guests must be so happy to recevie it. Once again. Congrats for your coming wedding!

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