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In Canada, all wedding couple have to get a marriage license before their wedding day.  You can get it from many places, I just went to London Drugs to get mine from an insurance broker.  The wedding license is just a piece of paper.  It is the document you are going to sign on the wedding day.  The wedding officiant will take it and send it back to the registration office and the government will mail your the wedding certificate.  This piece of computer printed paper costs me $100.  What a rip off!  I wonder how can poor people afford to get marry.  $100 for a piece of paper is ridiculous.  Getting marry is basic human rights.  The government should at least waive the registration fee for the first marriage.  It is fair to charge those who marry more than once.  But getting marry once is pretty much universal.

When I fill in the application form for the marriage license, I notice some legal statment at the back of the form.  It is illegal for a male applicant to marry his mother, daughter or sister and it is also illegal for a female applicant to marry her dad, son or brother.  Incest is illegal, so this rules make sense.  However the legal statment didn’t say anything about son marrying to dad or daugther to mother.  I think we have incest law for many years but the gay marriage is just legalized, so the incest law isn’t update.  It would make a headline news if a gay incest couple trying to register.  On a second thought, maybe the incest law is not update on purpose.  Gay couple cannot have children and the intention of the incest law is to avoid childbirth between close relatives.  Since gay cannot reproduce, we don’t have any reason to stop them getting marry.  Gay is gross.  Incest is very gross.  Gay and incest is exponentially gross, yet it is legal.  Yuck!  The Canadian family law is really screwed up.

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  1. Legal age to drink is 19 (21 is some places). Legal age to drive is 16 (18 in most other places). Legal age to get married and have a child is 16. I think there’s something wrong. I think drinking is the least damaging, and having a kid at age 16 is going to be a disaster in the world today.

  2. Well… if you family is super rich and you don’t have to work or go to school. Getting marry at 16 is not too bad. The drinking and driving age is really stupid. People should allow to drink and drive if they can get into university. Actually, lower the drinking and driving age for university student may be a good incentive to lure teenager to study and stay in school.

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