Olympic Opening

August 8th, 2008 is the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.  Due to the time zone difference, the opening starts at 5a.m. Vancouver time.  I am too lazy to get up in the morning to watch the opening show.  I heard from friends and news that the show is really great through out the day.  So after I got home, I go to youtube to see what have I missed.  I don’t know it is because I have too much expectation from the word of mouths, not watching it live, watching a 2″ video or the combination of the above.  I am not impressed by the opening show at all.

The firework is pretty cool, the LCD scroll is pretty neat, but the rest is quite cheesy.  The show is quite repetitive, every chapter is more or less the same, thousands of people doing some routine act together in synchronize steps.  No dispute that those volunteers spent lots of time to practice for tonight’s show.  I admire their effort but I also laugh at their stupidity.  Routine tasks are best done by robots.  It make no sense for thousands of people wasting time to practice for a show.  It would be more efficient to build a thousand robots to perform the act.  You don’t need any practice, you just have to upload the same software to every robot and you are guarantee to have a perfect synchronize show.

One thought on “Olympic Opening”

  1. oh c’mon… give me a break!

    can robots make babies then?

    this isn’t about efficiency – it’s about unity and artistry.

    pls stop being a ‘Wall-e’ all the time… I don’t like being EVE.


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