Consolidate hard drive.

My Lasallian bought me a Seagate 1TG external hard drive as a wedding gift.  It is a prefect gift for me because I can consume any amount of hard drive space I lay my hand on with all my downloaded mp3, anime and movies.  I already have many hard drives at home.  My main computer has a 300GB drive for Windows and Applications, two RAID-1 500GB drive to store backup data, two RAID-0 120GB (240GB) for download and nobackup data.  I have two 300GB eSATA and 200GB IDE external hard drive for data backup.  On top of it, my secondary computer has a 300GB drive.  In total, I have almost 3.5TB raw hard drive space in total!

It is time to consolidate my hard drive space and use them more effeciently.  I plan to donate my secondary computer away, since Pat’s place has last space.  It is a waste give away the good 300GB drive, so I will swap it with the old 200GB IDE.  That leaves me with two 300GB drive.  I will replace the RAID-0 stack with the two 300GB drive, then swap a 120GB to the external drive for mobile use.  I am still thinking should I re-image the two 500 GB drive into a 1TB drive.  Maybe I should keep it this way to provide extra redundency for my most important data, namely my documents, my photos and my mp3s.  This will leave me with a 120GB SATA drive without a host.   Anyone wants a old 120GB hard drive?

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