100 pieces of paper to get before you die

I am reading the news about the author of the book “100 things to do before you die” has passed away.  The title of his book catch my eyes, so I went to amazon and check it out.  The book is about 100 places, festivals and events one should see in his life.  I am not a very cultural person, I am not interest in most of those events.  Why would I want to see some stupid festival in Africa or South America.  A few sports or fun events such as F1 racing or Nobel prize is quite attractive though.  Merely seeing things is meaningless unless you can get something out of the experience.  Most of those events will only contribute to your photo album and cocktail party chats.

Yet this books give me an idea.  Over our life time, we have to write exams, get license, acquire many pieces of paper that prove our existence.  I should write a book about “100 pieces of paper to get before you die”.  It should not be too hard to elaborate on each entry, talk about the benefits and justify the why you have to get it for a few pages.  That would make a nice little book.  Oh! Well! I can’t came up with 100 items, I can only think of half of them.  Here is my list (not in order) so far:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. High school diploma
  3. Bachelor degree
  4. Master degree
  5. Ph.D degree
  6. Grade certification of any musical instruction (paino, violin, etc.)
  7. Driver license
  8. Driver license for motor bike
  9. Private pilot license
  10. Sky diving license
  11. Paragliding license
  12. Hang gliding license
  13. Motor boat operator license
  14. Sailing certificate
  15. Yachting certificate
  16. Scuba diving license (PADI, etc)
  17. Any sport instructor license (Ski, snowboard, golfing, etc.)
  18. Marriage certificate
  19. Birth certificate of your children
  20. Passport
  21. Baptism certificate (or any spiritual certificate)
  22. Firearm license
  23. Hunting license
  24. Fishing license
  25. Any second language proficiency exam certificate
  26. Mensa membership
  27. Membership of any political party
  28. Professional designation or trade certificate
  29. PMP
  30. MBA
  31. Equity or bonds (stock certification)
  32. Any awarded scholarship
  33. Any sport award
  34. Credit card
  35. Library card
  36. DNA map
  37. Ticket of a cruise
  38. Ticket of a major sport event (World Cup, Olympic, etc)
  39. Ticket to outer space
  40. Will
  41. Toastmaster
  42. First aid certificate
  43. Life saving certificate
  44. Patent
  45. Property ownership
  46. Six Sigma
  47. Write a book
  48. Take a master piece of photo
  49. Any martial art belts (Karate, King Fu, etc)

Strictly speaking, you don’t get the last piece of paper before you die, you get it after you die – the death certificate.  Any suggestion to add to the list?

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