No, I am not talking about the US election.  I am talking about the Canadian election.  Something I like about the Canadian political system is the election will not drag on too long.  From the moment the government announce the election, there is only one month before it actually take place.  So we will not bored by the ever lasting election campaign like in the US.  I wonder what’s the point of having pro-long election campaign?  Isn’t that most voter already make up their mind?  The political view of a party won’t change over night, voters should be well aware of what they expect to get from each party.  The candidate themselves are irrelevant, all politicians cannot be trust anyways.  Whatever they promise you in the campaign are lip service.  As long as there the politicians do not make any stupid mistake or involve in any scandals, the voters are pretty much voting for the party.

I used to vote for the Liberal in the past elections.  This time, I will switch to the Conservative, since it is the only party that is not anti-gun.  If I want to keep my toys, I better vote for them.  Other than this factor, the agenda of the other parties are pretty much loads of shit.  The Green Party is a joke, their policy does not make any economical sense.  The Quebecois is really a provincial party, their sole agenda is the independence of Quebec.  Only stupid Quebec people will vote for them.  There are three major party, Conservative on the right, New Democratic Party on the left and Liberal in the middle.  I never buy policy from the left, they always want to raise tax.  The Liberal suppose to be ok, but this time they dig themselves in a big hole by proposing carbon tax.  Tax increase is bad, period.  The Conservative seems to have the best policy with the usual small government and tax cut agenda.  I really admire the Conservative refuse to please the arts and culture group by denying them more money.  The reason is very libertariain, arts and culture are personal perference, the government should not spend tax payers’ money activities that most citizens don’t really care.  They make a very good point stating that those who really care about arts and culture, should just donate to their favorate arts or culture group.  It is unfair asking the general public to pay for their perference.  This kind of sound fiancial policy really win me over as a support for the Conservative Party.

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  1. May I ask why voting for Liberal?

    Carbon tax is tax on fuel that emit carbon. Gas for car, oil for the factory, power plant, etc. Whenever you are using any fuel, the government get more tax.

  2. I may not vote this time… because I don’t like the Liberals and I dont’ like the Conservatives. I would never agree with anything the NDP and Green say. NDP policies will not promote economical growth. Green will put a wrong focus to the country’s priority and resource.

  3. You still have to pick the lesser of two evils. What about the carbon tax? If Liberal win, the whole country has to pay more tax. We already have carbon tax in BC, 2c per liter of gas, that adds up. The Liberal BC government promise tax cut to balance the carbon tax income, but I haven’t see any of those coming. Never believe any tax cut until you see it.

  4. The elasticity of fuel consumption is low. Business can’t use less fuel, general public can’t use less fuel. The gas price has been tripled in past 3 years, an extra 2c of carbon tax are just free money for the government.

    Fuel has to be really expensive for people to give up driving. For e.g., driving takes 30 minutes, taking the bus and subway takes 1 hour 15 minutes. Public transport is so inconvenient that unless there is a direct link between your home and office, it usually double or triple the time to traffic. Time is money. Even you use the minimum hourly wage to calculate, taking public transit is very expensive compare to the gas for driving.

  5. What brought me to your site?

    “特首信經” and then your gun license keeps my regular visiting. In this perceptive, all parties but Conservative give ridiculous opinions. Even i am not a gun owner, i could see Liberal and NDP give no logical reason to ban gun. They tried to tie up the good ones and let the bad ones threaten us.

    In other policies, say immigration, Conservative Party says as Canadians, however, Liberial and NDP speak out as a foreigners who have not yet moved into Canada.

    Foreigners have no privilege until they are landed.

    Foreigners have no right to ask for help from Canadian MPs.

  6. When Chinese Canadians were in head tax debate (> 2 years ago), I heard Raymond Chan talked about himeself ran around among Liberals and Chinese pressure groups, I picked up his bad impression. This guy was doing the monkey job.

    I could not understand why this bad one was elected.

    It happened not only in Vancouver but also here in Toronto. My opinions, the Conservatives mind-set works closer to orientals.

  7. ha, I almost forgot I had wrote the “特首信經”.

    I don’t mind gun licensing system, the US system is too open. One thing I don’t like is I can’t get AK-47 and short barrel guns. Unfortunately, government restriction is something once set, it is almost impossible to roll back.

    Raymond Chan is famous, many voters don’t really know whom to vote, they just vote for the name they known.

    In this election, a Liberal candidate in Richmond even say “Making Chinese an official language” is one of her agenda. Some politicians just has absolutely no brain.

  8. People always discuss policy to policy. Then, they see trees but not the forest beyond. Politicians won’t say ‘killing’ you guys in election. However, if you walk through their founding principles, you will see a better picture which helps your vote.

    That is rarely happened. For instance, some might complain about how terrible the conservative party was three years ago. But, these people were quite new in Canada and they had never seen conservative party in power. All are hear and say.

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