6 thoughts on “Packing toys: before and after”

  1. I took out all my diecast cars and placed them out on a table one afternoon about 3 years ago. I took some pictures. They certainly look a bit crazy to those who aren’t into it. Taking them out of the case, taking pictures and putting them back took me the whole afternoon.

  2. I think I add about 8-10 1:43 and 1-2 1:18 per year.

    I lost count of how many I have. I basically have 4 groups of collection. 1) Old Toronto collection (prior to 2001). 2) SJ collection 1 which contains 70% of my SJ collection (2001-2006). 3) SJ collection 2 which contains the rest of the 2001-2006 collection plus the 2006-2007 addition in SJ. 4) New Toronto collection.

    All my SJ collections are still in shipping boxes and I also stored some of my older Toronto collection. I ran out of room. 1, 2 and 3 are stored separately. They will be all displayed again after I have my own house.

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