A break from blog

I haven’t write a single blog entry for the past week. It is not that I am getting lazy or getting tried of blogging. It is that I just move in with Pat and I am so busy trying to make myself home in the new place. Packing everything into boxes only the weekend before the moving day is quite rush and I have to get rid of the extra furniture in very low price. If I could have start selling my furniture earlier, I could get a better price. On the last weekend before the move, what I care is someone remove the pieces, so I can return an empty apartment. Getting some extra money from the furniture sell is my secondary concern.

The move on Monday is pretty smooth. This time I hired a Chinese moving company. Two middle age guys came instead of the young guys from English moving companies. I found older guys is more reliable then young guys. Maybe I am getting old and start not to trust people under 30. It only took them 4 hours to move all my stuffs. The rate is much better than English moving companies. It is almost 50% cheaper than my move last time.

After the move, the living room is full of boxes. Charlie, Pat’s dog, hardly has a piece to move. He is confined to a small area in front of the Kitchen. The bedroom is not much better, all my clothes are still store in my suitcase. The only thing I had set up is my desk and my computer. I found that moving is too overwhelming for me to get some quiet time to blog every night. Writing a blog entry only takes 15 minutes of quiet time, to rethink about what had happened during the day that worth writing down. Having with boxes every where, I spent all my 15 minutes unpacking and settling down. Maybe I should relax and listen to Pat. She said moving is not a project you have to finish with a deadline, while it is a process for you to reconcile with your past. Although my place is still full of boxes, my life should get back to normal. If I can life off with two suitcase in India for two months, I can life off with most of stuffs packed inside two dozens of boxes.

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