New York Times special edition

New York Times Special Edition

You may have already read from the news, someone made a 14 pages New York Times special edition and distribute on major US cities. The newspaper is dated July 4th, 2009, next year’s independence day. Instead of printing the news so what have happened, it prints the news they hope to print. The news articles are pretty interesting, from the end of Iraq war, to UN pass a ban on all weapons, to free university education for all. They even make a fake New York Times website mimic the real New York Times website. You can check out all articles at the website or download the PDF file for the full paper version. Even the advertisement in the paper is fake and yet very funny, especially the McDonald one.

The news in the fake New York Times is too good to be true, some of them are just simply unrealistic. The US, Russian and North Korean give up their all weapons, from guns to nuclear bomb, is a nice idea, should they also hug each other or fight with fists? Harvard business school closing its door and all students study social work is good one, but what do we with all those extra social workers? Free university education, health insurance for everyone is surely nice, if the government figure out where the money comes from. The nationalize all the corporates, cut the pay check of the fat executives and jail all the bankers sounds good, only if the government bureaucracy can be more efficient the market. Banning cars and air travel for the environment is too naive, what about those of us who want the convenience. Well, it’s a fake news paper poking fun of the current mess on this Earth. Just that I don’t think I hope those news comes true. The ideas in the news won’t work even in the most idealistic world.

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  1. i like the idea of dropping all weapons. There are too much problems about the Earth that people should be focus on.

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