First ski of the season

I had my first ski of the season today. I have been itching to go skiing in the Christmas holidays, but the weather condition is pretty bad for the past two weeks. The weather forecast for this weekend looked good, it said it would be +5 degree rain. I seize the chance and went to Whistler with my friends. The weather was pretty good in the morning, we have some fresh powder snow over the week. The snow base is not enough, there are still rocks and tree tops on some runs, so we have to stay in groomed runs. It’s not too bad for the first ski, since I haven’t ski for almost a year. The lack of train makes my legs get tired easily and I need to recall the muscle memory. We should take it easy today.

However the weather turns bad after lunch. Its windy and getting cold. It is so cold that we rather ski further down the mountain to take the gondola up instead of taking the lift chair. We only had 3 runs in the afternoon and decided to call it a day. The traffic coming back is very bad. We left on 3:30p and took us 3 hours to arrive Vancouver. It was already snowing in the city. Many cars got stuck in snow and blocked the traffic. The rear-wheel drive cars are very annoying. The driver don’t realize their car can’t go up slopes in snow. Yet they still try their way up and blocking off everyone behind. I finally arrive home at 9p.m. safely. If I know it’s going to snow this afternoon, I would probably stay home instead of go skiing.

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  1. I rarely stay overnight in Whistler. On a good day, it’s only 1.5 hours drive from Vancouver.

    The lifting ticket is not too expensive, about CAD$60 a day. For hotels, sometimes if you can get good deals, it’s CAD$99 a night, min. 2 or 3 nights.

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