Fake proof personality test

Have you take any personality test? Have you fake any personality test?

We have done many personality tests in school or at work. Those tests are a useful diagnosis tool to know our personality. Armed with the personality data, the school or company can predict our performance in different scenario or form teams members who works well with each other. Most of those tests, such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Enneatypes, rely on questionnaire to determine with personality type we belongs to. The questionnaire assume you will answer the questions honestly, choose the answer truly reflect your mind. However, we all know how easy to fake the answers. If you are interviewing for a marketing position and the HR give you a MBTI tests. It is very natural to steer your answers to end up being an extrovert, the character type that the HR is looking for.

Old fashion pen and paper personality tests are not very useful, because it is too easy to fake the answer. I have a great idea to create a form of personality test. Other than answering multiple choice questions, a person’s eating behavior can reveal a lot about his personality. Maybe I should devise a new personality test base on what happen on the dining table. Instead of handing out questionnaire to the interviewee, the HR can invite all the interviewees for dinner. Then they can analyze traits of personality type of the interviewees from video tapping the dinner. Actually in business world, many important decisions are made over dining table. If you want to forge a long term relationship with a new business partner, you will know the real him outside of the meeting room. If I create the dining behavior personality test, I can open a consulting firm and offer lucrative personality analysis service. When you dine out with someone, you probably already have a rough idea on what type the person is. My service will give you an objective 3rd party report to double check your intuition. Now, the only obstacle between me and my multimillion dollars personalty test business is my cliche personality test.

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  1. Interesting idea. But why would a person’s preference of food (e.g. chicken over beef, or steak over seafood stew) on that day of test be important? What if a person pick steak simply because she had seafood the night before? 🙂

    Horace, if nothing else, you do have lots of ideas, even if many are way too funny (and some were horribly bad and I know you were serious, unfortunately).

    OK, in this case here, I admit defeat. I didn’t realize you are a much more funny man than I had original thought. Sorry, 星爺. 🙂 Didn’t know you are http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Chow writing your famous 無厘頭 lines and ideas.

    Sorry, I am much too serious always. OK, let us 「坐低飲杯茶,食個包」.

    Happy “Niu” Year to you and your loved ones. (Happy 牛Year in mixed Mandarin, hee hee.)

  2. I remember I read from somewhere, whether you start with the vegetable, the carbohydrate or the meat in the dish tells what type of person you are, but I forgot the details.

  3. 以前在大學副修心理學,知道主流心理學家一般不屑坊間各種人格測驗,因為可信性低。即使出名如big five theory,也有不少批評,指該理論只有分類,沒有分析,無助了解人格。


    話說回來。如果要知道某人的真實人格,吃飯是其中之一,賭錢也其中之一。特別係揀老公 / 女婿,對方是否信得過,跟他賭兩手就知道了。至於對方為何有如此行為﹝是否因為當年有甚麼伊迪柏斯情意結之類﹞,這是學術問題,一般人可以不理。

  4. 如果那個人不賭﹐咁又點揀呢﹖又或好似我咁﹐視賭錢為純隨機率的計算﹐會不會被分類為沒有人性似部電腦呢﹖

  5. 那就要用過其他方法。但如果那人有賭錢的習慣,跟他賭兩手,的確有助了解其人品。



  6. 那是舊一套方法,但你也有一套西村由紀剛呀。你喜歡輕音樂?


  7. 古典音樂cd和爵士樂cd最容易露餡。遇上整個收藏都是大路作品和著名樂手演譯的人,只需要隨便拿一隻上手,問一兩個問題,就知道有沒有。


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