Weekend overtime

Weekend overtime only means one thing, the incompetent of the management. This weekend I have to work overtime. It is not just checking emails or dealing with unexpected emergencies. I was asked to come into the office and work like a work day. A block in the project is really late, so I am parachuted to help out in the crunch time. When I was in the office, our VP came by and check who is working overtime. He even ask how come the guy sit next to me is not in today! Gee, didn’t he realize it’s a weekend. He sounds like I should work overtime because the project is late. I bet it never come across his mind that the project late because he made some bad decision 6 months ago.

The block I am working on is a very complicate block and it is understaffed since the beginning. The management only assign two engineers working on it, and ignore their screaming for help since day one. Two months before the project deadline, they suddenly wake up and realize the block is on critical path. So they pile 13 people to work on the block. A task requires 1 man working 2 months won’t get done with 8 men in 1 week. It takes 9 months for a woman to give birth to a baby, 9 women won’t give birth to a baby in 1 month. It seems the management never learn important the lessons of mythical man months and the employees have to pay for their mistake by working work time.

7 thoughts on “Weekend overtime”

  1. in fact, it’s better if you make one-day OT on weekend… than a couple of hours everyday after work from Mon-Fri!
    this is a measurable standard for the management to see how much resources that they have wasted and put stress on employees!
    how about hiring an organizational psychologist? =)

    – wife

  2. In BC, the government pass a stupid law except Hi-Tech company giving OT to employees. The reasoning was the OT is already compensated by the (underwater) stock options. It is interesting now because if the company cut our stock option, it may make us eligible for OT pay.

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