Valentine @ VSO

Music and love always goes hand in hand. Going to a Vancouver Symphony Orchestra concert is a romantic way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Pat heard about the special VSO Valentine event on the radio and we think it make a great night out. Tonight’s concert has two special guest performances with the VSO. Before the intermission, there was Ian Parker, son of Pat’s piano teacher, playing piano solo with VSO. After the intermission, there was the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra on stage with VSO. An orchestra already has many performers, having two orchestras double the number of performers and almost fill up the whole stage.

This is my first time hearing a live a orchestra. Orchestra is much better than ballet, which is really boring. I found Orchestra is quite enjoyable, I only fall asleep once during the paino solo. Today’s performance is targeted for beginners. The conductor explains each piece of music before it starts. That helps me get a picture of what is going on in the music, so I won’t feel bored for totally lost in the context. Although it is the same piece of music, listening a live orchestra is very different experience than listening a CD. The sound of all the instruments in harmony is very rich and full of depth, no Hi-Fi system can ever beat the real surround sound. I may not know much about music, but I do enjoy the audio sensation of the orchestra. Moreover, I feel going to orchestra also raised my sense in art appreciation. I can say I am a more artistic person now.

One thought on “Valentine @ VSO”

  1. Tovey is a great conductor.
    It was my first time seeing him in performance, as well seeing Ian.

    He knows how to communicate with his audience.
    I just felt like that the direction of this musical association is tailoring classical music to lay people in an affordable price, especially for this year. (promoting classical in a popular way!)

    He is known as the charismatic conductor.
    After watching him, I have learned a lot.
    Thanks for learning with me on Valentine’s day! =)

    – wife

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