We are what we eat

I thought vegetarians who don’t eat meat are quite out of their mind. Then I met believers of Jainism who not only don’t eat meat, but also don’t eat any animal product like milk, honey or egg. Then I met the some weirdo who don’t eat any cooked or processed food. They only eat raw vegetables, fruits or nuts without any salad dressing. They claim all food has some sort of life energy which will disappear after cooking. Obviously no one with a right mind would believe in that superstitious non-sense﹐ yet I learn this stupid diet from a colleague who seems reasonable and intelligent. Maybe we can’t judge whether a person is a faddist or not from his appearance alone. You never know what ridiculous beliefs someone may hold inside his messed up brain.

According to anthropologist, eating meat and cooking food is what make us human as human. Human evolve to the top of the food chain and set us apart from other animals all thanks to meat and cooked food. Herbivores diet cannot supply the extra calories required to develop the brain of our prehistoric ancestors. Eating meat allow human to have huge brain with small guts that jump start human intelligence. Cooking breaks down starch molecules into more digestible fragment, break down amino-acid chain in protein molecules for the digestive enzymes and physically soften the food. Eating cooked food is more calories efficient, so human can further divert more energy for brain development. If human intelligence originates from eating meat and cooked food, then not eating meat or cooked food must be the lack of intelligence. Vegetarian, Jainism and raw foodist defy our human identify and evolutionary advantage. Their beliefs is on the verge of a dangerous path that lead us devolve back to animals.

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