Alumni Gathering.

I have been thinking about whether or not I should go to the Appleby Alumni gathering.  I went to this highschool for two years when I first came to Canada.  I didn’t have much tie with the school nor did it leave me a very good memories.  I don’t even keep in touch with any classmates from those days.  Somehow, I don’t feel I like the school very much.

It has been many years since I graduated and the Alumni is having a gathering in Vancouver.  I decided to show up thinking maybe I will make some useful connections.  After all, it’s a school graduated a few Canadian prime ministers, and the alumni network suppose to be pretty useful.  It turns out not many people shows up in the gathering.  Other than the school staff traveling from Oakville to Vancouver on his way to visit his daughter, there are only a few old guys and a lady who is working as a school teacher.  I do met the president of the biggest construction firms in town.  Too bad that I am not a civil engineer.

I have been out of touch with the school and I didn’t make any effort to stay connected.  It is nice to hear some news about my teachers.  Most of them are still around and my least favorite one is gone.  New buildings are popping up here and there.  The dinning hall has become a new library and my old residence has been rebuilt.  Maybe I should pay a visit to the school when I go back to Toronto next month to see how much it has changed.

I enjoyed a relaxing evening with snack and drinks, chit-chating old school days with fellow alumni and listening to life stories of the old men.  The alumni gathering is gives me a different exposure to the many faces of life.  I don’t get to know people from this kind of social circle very often.

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  1. 我跟你的情況類似。



  2. Potato: I see my highschool just as a stepping stone on my way to University. When you see something as a mean instead of an end, you won’t feel attached to it. Maybe the night school is where you have most your memory.

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