I just signed up for Google Adsense for my blog. Adsense is an service to display small online advertisement on your website. As you may see the Google ads in the column on the right hand side under the Google Adsesne.

I am very reluctant to display ads on my site for a very long time. I don’t need the extra money to maintain the site nor my blog have much traffic to give me any meaningful amount of revenue. Most important, I don’t like ads spoiling the layout of my site or interfere with visitors reading my posts. Just like Google advertisement on its own search engine, Adsense is not intrusive. It only display a few text links and it can blend in pretty well with my layout.

I don’t expect to get much from the ads. I don’t know when I will get enough clicks on the sponsored links to reach the payment threshold and receive the cheque from Google. But since I have some content with a few readers, why don’t I put them into good use. I will donate whatever I got from Adsense to the Church.

Let’s see how well Adsense works out on my site. If it works great, maybe I should persuade all my friends who has a blog sign up with Adsense and donate the ads payment to a charity. The donation amount may be very tiny, but free money is still better than no money.

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