Tagging the old posts

I am tagging all my previous blog entries.  It is a long, tedious, yet rewarding process.  Reading my old writings is like having time machine to the past.  I am surprise by how I thought 4-5 years ago.  I can tell something about me has changed and some other things never change.  One thing that changes is my writing was really poor back then.  I made lots of spelling mistakes.  That was before Firefox comes with the spell checker feature.  I guess Firefox really really helps me a lot in using the right word.

I can’t tag too many post in one day before I get bored and lost my patient.  I can tag at most one month worth of blog entries a day while I am watching TV.  I already finish tagging all entries newer than 2008.  I am now working my way up starting form the first entry in 2005.  With the current rate of tagging, it will take me a month to tag all the posts.  There is no hurry to get all the posts tagged, I can take my time and enjoy the time passage to the past.

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