Game theory

This term instead of taking a philosophy course, I am taking a economics course, game theory. Technically, I am not taking a course, I did not register. I am just going to the lecture to audit the course off the record. It is one of those huge lecture with over a hundred of students. The structure of the course is fairly one way, the professor explain the course material in class and then hand out homework assignment. Unlike the philosophy course, I learn by interacting with the professor, this course is just a one way street of absorbing knowledge. I figure if I don’t need the credit and I don’t need another to mark my assignment, why don’t I just sit in the lecture and learn for free.

I am taking game theory not only because I am interested in economics, it is also I need this knowledge for more advance moral or political philosophy. Utilitarianism is always and will always be an important moral or justice theory. There are new research to field on applying game theory concept to calculate the utility function to determine whether something is moral or evil. Knowing game theory will give allow me to give more quantitative argument when I am making a moral claim.

In this course, I am using Wiki to take lecture notes. My ultimate goal is to create a knowledge database for my studies and I am experimenting with Wiki. Here is my lecture notes

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