Window seat

After the layoff last year, the size of my company has shrink quite a bit. The current office space seems to be too spacious with empty cubicles here and there. The management decide to lower the rental cost by terminating the lease of the 4th floor. As a result, we have a company wide seat reshuffle. The current location of my department is at the best spot in the building, a bright corner on the 3rd floor. It is obvious the prime location will transform into the corner office for the CEO. We were put one floor below. The cubicle move was over the weekend and I am just settling in my new cubicle.

I can’t complain about my new cubicle, it is right by the window. At first, I was a bit worry about the glare off my monitors; I may have to close the bind all the time. Luckily my windows is facing East, so I get ambient light instead of directly sun light most of the day. I can leave the bind open all the time and have natural lights shines on my cubicle. I don’t have to turn on my desk lamp and yet it is still bright enough for normal tasks. I found natural light is more comfortable for my eyes and I feel like staying in my cubicle more. I think having a window seat may even boost my productivity because I feel better at work!

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  1. natural light definitely makes work more enjoyable imo. can’t go wrong especially with the nice weather in vancouver lately. 😀

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