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I always have trouble understanding why something is romantic but something else is not. I went to shopping with Pat today. We saw some bag with different pattern, she pointed at one of the bags with some kind of flower pattern and said that’s romantic. The bag next to it has a similar flower pattern and I asked whether that one is also romantic, Pat said my pattern is bad taste. Women love romantic things, but men, especially engineers, always have problem found the boundary of romantic and end up falling into the trap of bad taste.

I know the academic definition of romantic. Given me a piece of music, literature, philosopher and architecture etc, I can found out whether or not it is from the romantic period. Romantic era has different characteristic that make it distinguish from the classical period or the modern period. Romantic is definitely not rational, mechanical, well structured or simple. Romantic is not chaotic, that belongs to the post-modern era. However when it comes to pattern, I can tell what is not a romantic pattern reliably. But after I filter out all the patterns violate the romantic rules, I still can’t tell what is a romantic pattern. I wonder what am I missing from my romantic spotting algorithm.

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  1. 哈,邊隻pattern romantic真係少聽喎,邊隻顏色romantic易理解d。通常淡雅柔和的花紋會令人舒服d,但單單睇一個pattern,我大概只能分倒清d同俗d,順眼或娘,浪唔浪漫呢就…可能我係淘哥,冇計。


    1. 分辨浪漫顏色好簡單﹐紫色就係浪漫的顏色喇。以我觀察所得﹐直線格仔pattern肯定唔浪漫﹐花花pattern有可能係浪漫﹐不過又有可能係好老土好娘。

  2. Hey, sorry for making you to ‘think’ so hard!

    The way how I perceive ‘patterns’ for cloth (like clothing), wallpaper (like room design), and craft paper (like scrapbooking) is that I spend time to stop and observe. Because human beings are subject to the effects of memory and the state-of-mind, I would be evoked with a feeling that recalls an experience or so-called personal preferences.

    For instance, we went on a honeymoon trip together. I saw many Renaissance paintings and architecture in Rome. Whenever I see the ‘roma’ patterns, I may call it romantic! But if you dump or cheat on me, I will immediately want to throw them away (for the short term) because I have a feeling of madness and anger… right? Then, in the long term, it is going to be fine with the feeling towards the pattern, because memories and the state-of-mind is back to equilibrium.

    Hope this example helps the ‘logical’ extremist!!


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