Comedy club

Tonight is the project end party to celebrate the completion of the product.  With the current economy, the department does not have a huge budget for celebration, so we have to say goodbye to the good old day of the snowmobile celebration party.  The organizer of the party made good use of the limited budget to give us a fun event.  We had a tapas buffet dinner at Yuk Yuk’s, the best comedy club in town.  The good thing is we have bottomless beer.  It’s a corporate event, everyone is well behave and won’t be drinking too much.  Is does not cost much more to buy a few beer per person, but it makes the party a lot more fun when we don’t have have to pay for our own alcohol.

After the dinner is the comedy show.  It is pretty standard stand up comedy, just like as seen on TV.  There is a small stage in the front with red curtain as backdrops.  On the stage there are just a chair and a microphone.  The host come out and tell us a few jokes to warm up the night.  Then he introduce comedians of tonight.  The show lasted about 2 hours and each comedian get about 10-15 minutes.  All of them are very funny, except the first one who is on stage for the first time ever.  There are lots of dirty jokes, so the show is probably adults only.  Talking about sex always make people laugh.  Another common joke topic is pick on politically correct and the environment fags.  The last comedian is really good, he is the host of a radio talk show in the afternoon.  He asked the audience for some names of famous people or cartoon characters, then he can imitate their voices.  To make it even more funny, he used the imitated voice to read a porn novel.

The comedians seems entertain us so effortlessly.  Some of the jokes are really genius, but most of the jokes are pretty lame, yet we still laugh hard.  On the way back when I was riding the Skytrain, I tried to come up with my own joke.  Then I realize it is pretty hard even to make a lame joke.

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