No more Economist

In the economy downturn, first the company laid off the librarian, then it cut all the magazine subscriptions and close down the library. I am a long time loyal reader of the Economist since university. I used to read the article on the website using my dad’s subscription account. I forgot when I first discovered the company orders the Economist, but since then I have been borrowing the magazine from the library every week. I hang out in the library quite often and make good friend to the librarian. She is so kind that when the Economist arrive every Monday and she will put it in reserve under my account and email me to pick it up.

I like reading the paper copy better than the online version, as I can read it anywhere I like, including in the toilet. Now I can no longer borrow the latest issue Economist from the library, I have to decide whether or not order my own copy. On one hand, reading it online is free, on the other hand, reading it online is not very convenient. I will try reading it online for a while since how well can I keep up with the reading. I found reading the Economist in toilet actually takes up all my toilet reading time and I have no time left for other books in the toilet. Maybe I can be more productive if I read real books in the toilet and squeeze time here and there to read an article from the Economist during the day.

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