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Today, everyone is talking about Michael Jackson passed away. I hear it at work, I got it from the front page of the newspaper, I got it from the headline of the evening news, and I got it in almost every blog I visit. I can’t even escape from Michael Jackson visiting friends tonight, the host of the house party is playing Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson maybe the an pop icon, he maybe very talented, but I never like him and never will. To begin with, I am don’t like dance music and I found his songs are too noisy to listen. When he was really popular in the 80’s, I don’t understand why people love those silly dance moves. Then in the 90’s Michael simply became a laughing stock in the music industry. After many failed plastic surgery, his look resembled the apes in the movie Planet of the Apes. Later on his pedophile scandal make totally bankrupted his character.

He may left behind many legendary work in the mind of his fans. To me, all I remember about Michael Jackson are the funny moonwalk, a really stupid computer games featuring him using moonwalk to kill aliens and the dirty dance in which he keep touching his lower part. I guess I just have to bare the endless media coverage about Michael Jackson in the next few days until everyone finally get tried of him and move on.

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  1. Thas just sad micheal jackson was a legend and he wasnt a laughing stock to many people just idiots like you with no taste whatsoever.And Hollywood how many people have plastic sugery the list is endless but no one mentions them and you are mentioning a dead person how sad are you talk about those people who are very much alive Nikki Minaj & kim kardashians have you seen them…. WELL CLEARLY NOT he had many unsolved problems i used to research about famous people in my younger days and i used to have no clue what they go through I read micheal jacksons autobiography and you should read it to it may knock sense in to your brain!

  2. @ Angel If u don’t like someone thats fine. Lets not leave out the fact that he did so much for his country. He was not selfish when it came to giving. You on the other hand need to get a life what is it that you do for your country. He was a good father and he will live on in the hearts of people that respected him.

  3. Hey! hevangel, “GO TO HELL”! MJ was the greatest of all time. Is your father’s name RICHARD SPECK? If you had a wooden leg, you would be shit on a stick. VLWest

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