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It is man’s duty to maintain the house. When something is broken, the man of the house should know some easy repair skills. Being a handy man in the house is what defines the masculinity of a man. A power drill to has man living in a house is like a sword to a swordsman, a gun to a soldier. Every man needs a power drill.

I have been shopping for my power drill for a while, since I got my own place. I did many research online and talked to my colleagues. I have concluded that a few rule of thumbs buying the first power drill.

  1. Never pay full price for a power tool. Hardware shops have sales every few months, wait and save
  2. Power drill should be your only cordless tool. Battery is not powerful enough for saws.
  3. Get a 18V cordless driller instead of 14.4V or 12V. It’s more powerful and easier to use
  4. You need at least 2 batteries and a quick charger. Or you have to stop and wait when the battery is drained.
  5. Don’t buy cheap Chinese made power tool, it breaks fast.
  6. Warranty, warranty, warranty.

I was debating within myself should I get a normal drill or hammer drill. The impact drill is in between and it’s pretty much useless. A normal drill is good enough for indoor work, but I may want work on the concrete in my backyard, so I decided a hammer drill. At first I think I can get by with just a drill and use it as a driver instead of getting a separate impact driver. I saw the 2-in-1 hammer drill and impact driver combo on sales, it’s 40% off the regular price. It is too good a deal to miss, so I end up having both tools. After all, it is better to fasten screws with a impact driver.

I saw the Dewalt combo in the sales fryer. When I was at the hardware shop, there was Milwaukee sales booth. Both Dewalt and Milwaukee are very good power tool bands and I only see good review on the web. Dewalt seems more to be popular but Milwaukee has a reputation of better quality. Dewalt is made in Taiwan or Mexico, but Milwaukee is made in USA. The specification of the Dewalt and Milwaukee is pretty similar, both use Li-ion battery. The Milwaukee has slightly better torque and speed. Usually Milwaukee is a bit more expensive than Dewalt. The Milwaukee sales offer to match the price of the Dewalt combo and throw in an extra battery. So I walked out the door with a Milwaukee M18 hammer drill, impact driver combo with 3 batteries.

6 thoughts on “Milwaukee M18”

  1. Too bad you are not my neighbour. Otherwise, I am sure I can save a lot of time and money into researching and buying tools. I’m sure you’ll always have a good set and I’ll just borrow from you if needed 🙂

    I have two questions regarding drills… since I also need to get one…
    1) What’s the difference between hammer drill and others, like impact drill?
    2) Why cordless? Other than cordless phones, I never really believe we need things cordless. I’d rather run a long wire than worrying about battery aging, dying and losing juice.

  2. Hammer drill has two actions, first action is the rotation of the bit like a normal drill, second action is like a hammer pounding on the bit form the back. Good to drill in concrete or hard materials.

    Impact drill has high torque, use to fasten screws or blots. You don’t need a impact drill if you already got a impact driver.

    Corded drill is inconvenient. You can’t move easily dragging a long cord. You don’t want people trip over your cord or your cord trip over anything when you are working. The cord is hard to store and carry. Thinking hanging blinds, lights, building a fence or fix the roof with a corded drill. A replacement battery is only $50 and if you use the major brands, you always get it at Home Depot or Canadian Tire.

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