Brother PT-1100SBVP P-Touch Scrapbooking Labeler


Yes, it’s pink. No, I am not gay. I bought a pink hand held label printer. We need a label printer for our new house. This one is just too good a deal to pass. There are only two major brands of label printer, Dymo and Brother. When I think of label, I think of Dymo first. The old fashion emboss tape machine everyone has one when we are kids is too inefficient, so I am looking for an electronic label printer. Dymo is more expensive, but it has less function. It only support 12mm tapes, so I ruled it out.

Staples is having Brother label printer on sales, all models are 50% off. I don’t need a fancy business model with useless features. My choices come down to the entry level P-Touch series. There is one normal label printer in blue and gray color or the PT-1100SBVP scrape booking special in pink. Both of them have identical hardware and are selling at $25. The normal unit comes with only a 4m sampling tape. The pink unit comes with a 4m sampling tape, a 8m real tape, 6 Duracell AAA batteries and a carry case.

A replacement tape is selling for $20 in Staples. A pack of 8 Duracell AAA batteries is selling $12 in Staples. The extra tape and the batteries come with the pink unit already worth more that its cost. On a side note, the label printer company use razor and blade business models. The printer is pretty much give away for free and they make money on selling the tapes. Of course you can always buy cheaper online for about $12 a tape.

It is an obvious choice which model should I get. As a pragmatic engineer, function triumphs the appeal. I swallow my masculine pride and by the pink label printer. Luckily, I am a married men and my wife love scrap booking. There is no way the pink label printer will go into my tool box. It is a gift for my wife so she can use it in her scrap book. The pink label printer fits well with her scrap booking supplies. When I need to print a type, I can borrow my wife’s pink scrap book label printer.

5 thoughts on “Brother PT-1100SBVP P-Touch Scrapbooking Labeler”

  1. I have a pink label printer as well! (It seems that there is no other choice except Brother and Dymo.)
    However we bought a Brother one. That was because we found that the tapes from Brother are cheaper. The printer itself is pretty much the same price.
    Then we labeled all our daughter’s stuff! From hat, uniforms, lunch boxes, school bags to shoes~! just missing the last one onto her front head~

  2. I have a brother’s lable maker too. I like using it and now found that there’s one for scrapbooking! can’t wait to find a deal on that.
    By the way, does anyone know if there’s a lable maker that prints Chinese?
    Would like my kids to learn Chinese and thought this would be a good way.

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