My first home project, install window blinds

Since I bought a place, I am learning to to become a handy man. Today I just under took my first home renovation project, install window blinds in the garage window. We are replacing the generic flimsy generic vinyl blinds come with the house with wooden shutter blinds. It took me a whole night to dismount the old blinds on the ground floor using hand screw driver, then I bought my impact driver and took down the blinds on the second floor in 15 minutes.

Now I have lots of unwanted blinds and I wonder what I should do with them. I put them up on Craigslist, but so far no one is interested. I notice the garage has a window but it has no blinds. Everyone walking by can peak inside my garage. I figured that if I can take down the blinds, I would put it back up, so I recycle one of the old blind to the garage window. This time I am powered with a powerful hammer drill and an impact driver. Still it took me an hour to figure out how to use those tools.

First, I have to mount the bracket. I have to drill the pilot hole for the screw then use the impact driver to secure the screw. Somehow there are lots of metal around the window frame, I tried a few times before finding some wood to mount the bracket. After the bracket is mounted, the rest is pretty easy. I just have to put the blinds in the bracket and close the cover. I pulled and released the blinds a few times to test it won’t fall down.

I can safely practice my handy man skill in the garage, since even I screw up, my wife won’t complain. Now I have completed my first project successfully, I have more confidence move to more complex tasks. I have a few projects in my mind. The next one in the pipeline is to to install pull out and rotation shelves under the kitchen cabinet. After that I am going to install the closet storage systems. The most challenging project will be building wall mounted shelves for garage.





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