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I and Pat went to the Vancouver Home and Interior Design show at BC Place tonight. The show is a rip off. The show charge us $12 per ticket but it is really a flea market. Most of the booths sell home product or renovation service, but some sell totally unrelated stuff like ear rings, hand bags, artistic cards, etc.

There is a demonstration booth of vapor steam cleaner. I have read about it in magazines and seen it in TV shopping channel. The idea of vapor steam cleaner is really simple. It use pressurized steam to clean dirt and disinfect surface instead of chemical cleaner. The demonstration is pretty amazing. Dirt just come loose under the steam and you can easily wipe it clean with a cloth. Pat is so hooked onto idea of the vapor steam cleaner. She keep thinking about it during the show. At the end, we bought it before we leave.

The Euroflex Monster SC60 steam cleaner output 130C steam at 55psi. It takes about 5 minutes to boil and a full tank last an hour. It is essentially a pressured steel boiler with a hose. It is a mid-range consumer model that does not come with more user friendly features you may find in professional models. It does not have water level indicator nor allow continuous water refill. When the steam runs out, I have to turn off the steam cleaner, wait 10 minutes for it to cool down before I can refill the tank. It does not even have a hook for the power cord. I tried it on the kitchen sink, oven, toilet bowl, bath tub, washroom faucet and mirror. It works as advertised, saves me lots of scrubbing. Just run the steam over the dirt to blow them away. My only complain is the handle gets a bit too warm after a while.

I rarely buy things without first read reviews on internet. After I went home, I search for its online reviews at once. The review for this steam cleaner is mixed. Someone loves it but someone think it is a piece of crap, probably due to the usual made in China QC problem. I also find out we could have save $20-30 if order it online. But we got a box of extra accessories in the show, so we are pretty much even.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has been using the Monster SC60 long-term? I have been told that with time it tends to clog due to calcification as the water boils, and that the vinegar and water solution does not really work. In time it loses pressure and is rendered useless. Has anyone had this experiance?

  2. Steam cleaners can work great for a lot of things if they are big enough units but don’t always work the way the infomercials might want you to think.

    From teh comment above regarding calcification, if you’re worried about that, just use distilled water in your unit.

    Mr.Steam Cleaner

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