Learning how to ride a unicycle – day 1


I always wanted to learn how to ride a unicycle. I have been procrastinating for many years, then I just made up my mind and bought an unicycle. In order to encourage Pat to do more exercise, I promise I will jog with her every week. Since I don’t like jogging myself, I was riding a bicycle while following Pat. However, riding bicycle is too fast, I think maybe I should ride a unicycle instead, so that I can keep with the pace of Pat.

I ordered a 24″ beginner’s unicycle online. It is recommend to learn from a 20″ or 24″. Both size are good for indoor free style tricks or outdoor normal riding. It took me half a hour to put the parts together. I read unicycle tutorials on the web and watched tutorials in youtube to prepare myself. The principle of riding a unicycle is pretty simple. Balance yourself on the seat and don’t fall. The difficult part is building the muscle memory that let you stay in balance.

I tried my first ride today in company’s parking lot today. I picked a wall with fence to lean on. I can mount the unicycle when one of my hand is holding the fence. I tried balance stretching my leg leg and then my right leg. I can rock back and forth a little bit whiling holding the fence and stay on the unicycle for 2-3 minutes before falling off. I am wobbling left and right as well. I am still trying to pick up the feeling of putting all my weight on the seat instead of my foot. That is the key of balancing on unicycle according to the tutorials.

Riding a unicycle is a bit harder than I expected but it should still be well within my reach. It took me 30 minutes to learn how to ride a bicycle when I was eight. I just need to practice every day and I will be jog with Pat on unicycle in a few weeks.

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