Google Wave

Google like to release their new service to the public while it is still in beta. Gmail and Google Talk was in beta for a few years before it finally make an official release. Google Wave is the latest invention from Google. It is aim to revolutionize how people communication. Google is looking forward to make it the next big success after gmail.

The concept of Google Wave is a bit hard to understand at first. I am still a bit confused after watching the introduction on Youtube. After playing with it for a few hours, I think in short it takes the best out of email, MSN, Wiki and merge it into one single service. It comes with a very clean web interface, as expected from Google. The basic function of wave is pretty simple, it allows multiple users edit the same “wave” at the same time and broadcast the change in real time. It saves the complete history, so any user can replay the changes step by step. I think the hidden jem would be the Wave API, it let user embed “wave” in any webpage and insert wave plugins or bot scripts in a “wave”. I am still exploring the Wave API. Google Wave is still in a very early stage, no one knows how can it change the way we communicate. Would it be a run away success like Gmail or just drop flat like Google Talk.

I would like to embed a wave in this post for demonstration. Unfortunately, I would not get the WordPress wave plug-in working after many tries.

BTW, I still have two invitation quota left. Any one interested please let me know.

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