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After going back and forth with our kitchen designer for almost a month, at last we finalized our kitchen design and placed the order. Direct Buy has a really good deal buying kitchen cabinets. I went to the Kitchen Craft showroom trying to get an estimate for comparison, the sales refuse to give me a quote after hearing my budget, which is my quote at Direct Buy plus the $5000 membership fee. He said I am unrealistic trying to get the high end line with my pity budget. He said my kitchen is pretty big, my budget can only only get me the high end cabinet box without no doors.

Design the kitchen is a long and stressful process, but I learned a lot from it. I know some basic principle of kitchen design. Knows how to partition the kitchen into three zones, the washing zone, preparing zone and cooking zone. I studied the Kitchen Craft catalog cover to cover. Once I figured out how my kitchen should look, picking the right cabinet from the catalog is pretty straight forward. Reading the catalog opens my eyes, I am not even aware of all those different cabinet options just from going to the showrooms. There are more hinge actions then I can ever imagine. Picking the color and door style is Pat’s department, I only give comments on material and costs.

The cabinet is fixed, now I have to worry about counter top and handles. There are over a hundred different kinds of stone surface and over a thousand different kinds of door handles. After that I have to pick the right faucet and sink. I will have to do a lot more research and go to many more showrooms before I can make up my mind. When the kitchen is finished, my next mission is to design the master bedroom closet and it will be another endless quest of style and options. In my opinion, customize all the elements in my house to meet our taste and preference is a lot more work than setting up Linux config files using only text editor.


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  1. Sounds like you (and Pat) were stressed out but still had a bit of fun at the same time.

    My better half often jokes that the main reason for me liking the house we bought was because of its kitchen. At it happens, I think we have a beautiful kitchen and I (we) have cooked a lot in our kitchen.

    I am sure you’ve picked faucet already but I would still like to recommend Moen. They standby their products and their customer service/guarantee is just great and solid.

  2. The kitcher designer seems to be very professional. I am lazy to calculate inches into metres so I can’t tell how much your kitchen will cost but I believe 5000 is not possible. U can hardly get one in Mainland China if u want decent quality kitchen.

    By the way, Kohler is good.

  3. haha, 你有返咁上下要求自然要有咁上下budget啦,你果度先係豪宅呀。有機會真係要參觀吓,我o地個廚房好細。

  4. 放心,有機會我實嚟打搞你,最怕你唔歡迎o者。


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