PETA bunnies protest fur industry in bikinis

Only animals should wear fur? Technically speaking, human is animal, so what’s wrong for human to wear fur?

12/7/2009, News 680


When the mercury dips below -20 C, one wouldn’t expect to find two bikini-clad protesters in downtown Edmonton. But, that was the case Monday.

Kristina Addington works with the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She was one of the two “bunnies” protesting the fur industry at the intersection of Jasper Avenue and 107th Street. The eye-popping hour-long protest happened with them clad only in underwear, white bunny tails, and bunny ears, and holding a sign reading: “Only Animals Should Wear Fur.”

Windchill values Monday were near -36 C. But, that didn’t deter the protesters.

“There’s two of us, so if it gets really bad out there, we can definitely take turns,” said Addington, at the start of the event. “It’s definitely going to be cold out there, but it’s more than worth it if we can get to talk to people about the fur industry.”

The two risked serious health problems, according to Alberta Health Services. It says people run the risk of frostbite as soon as the thermometer reaches -12 C. In temperatures like those on Monday, exposed flesh can freeze in a number of minutes.

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