Christmas Dinner Crossword Game 2009

This year, I and Pat created a crossword puzzle game for the Christmas dinner. The clues are Bible knowledge about the nativity and general knowledge about Christmas. I will publish the answer after Christmas. Have fun.


  1. (Nativity) Fill in the word for “Angels we Have Heard on High-Gloria in excelsis _____”
  2. (General) What is Santa Claus’ Postal Code in Canada?
  3. (General) Which company was the first to use Santa Claus in advertisement?
  4. (Nativity) Bethelem means “House of ______”.
  5. (Nativity) In Joseph’s dream, where does the angel tell them to return home safely?
  6. (General) What’s the name of Santa’s reindeer start with letter V?
  7. (Nativity) What word means “God is with us”.
  8. (General) What color is the Grinch?
  9. (Nativity) Name the song from the verse: “Round yon Virgin, Mother and child”


  1. (Nativity) What did the Three Kings of the East see so that they know where Jesus was born?
  2. (General) Who wrote “A Christmas Carol”?
  3. (Nativity) What is the name of the King who ordered to kill baby Jesus?
  4. (General) What snack is often left out for Santa?
  5. (Nativity) Jesus’ ancestor is King ____
  6. (General) What kind of Christmas does Elvis Presley sings about?
  7. (General) Which ocean is Christmas Island located?
  8. (General) What color are mistle toe berries?
  9. (Nativity) Angel appears and ask Joseph, “Look, the virgin shall conceive and bear a ___, and they shall name him Emmanuel”
  10. (Genernal) What is the holiday drink that contains sugar, milk and eggs?
  11. (Nativity) To where does the angel tell Joseph to bring baby Jesus to flee?

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  1. hi hevangel, hope you have had a nice Christmas, and I wish you in advance a joyful new year too !!!

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